Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Mobile Home in Columbia SC

An old mobile home for sale in columbia sc
An old mobile home for sale in Columbia SC

As people, we come from different paths in life, yet different ones await. So, even though all humans have many things in common, our personal preferences, resources, and possibilities vary greatly. Therefore, some of us might be renting a home, or owning a mobile home, while others might be owners of a gigantic villa. Whichever the case, life happens and might dictate what we do next. So, if you’re reading this article, it might mean you are planning to sell your Columbia SC home.

If you wish to move out of South Carolina and continue your life elsewhere, the first thing would be to sell your mobile home. However, you might be experiencing fewer offers because your home is mobile. Thus, this article will share the most common mistakes to avoid when selling your mobile home. This way, we’ll gear you up with the knowledge that many don’t have and get you on the right path right from the beginning.

The list of mistakes to avoid when selling your mobile home 

Apart from simply selling your home, there are other things you need to take care of that will affect the sale. For instance, you will need to pack your belongings, make your home presentable, and preferably move out of your home and move into a new one that might not be in South Carolina but in Georgia. To succeed, you will need to hire residential movers in Atlanta to help you move to the new address. Just make sure you put your trust in a reputable moving company for a simple transfer within Georgia.

And once you are out of the house, you can put some time and effort into learning about the most common mistakes to avoid when selling your South Carolina mobile home. This way, you’ll know what to do (and not do) right from the start and ensure you get multiple offers. 

To ensure a smooth home selling process, learn how to avoid the most common mistakes and pitfalls when selling your mobile home in South Carolina. 

1: Your advertising is poor

Even if you wish to sell your mobile home as soon as possible, you might’ve been guilty of an important feature that tremendously helps in finding the right buyer. Yes, you’ve supposed correctly, we’re talking about advertisements.

If you’re not getting decent offers or no offers, that might be due to poor advertising. So, to get attractive offers, make sure you advertise your home properly. The places your ad should be at are:

  • multiple online websites,
  • newspaper publications, and 
  • bulletin boards around town.

Additionally, you could put up a sign saying FOR SALE BY OWNER and let the market know what you’re offering. Also, putting up some yard signs and arrows around the neighborhood pointing to the direction of your home will go a long way in terms of getting multiple new offers.

2: You’re not familiar with how the market works

Unfortunately, there are few or no mobile home rules and regulations regarding selling. As a result, sellers might end up pricing the house too high for the market they’re in.

two people discussing how to sell their mobile home in columbia sc
Many sellers tend to overprice their properties due to a lack of information on market trends.

You’ll want to talk with a local park manager or a real estate agent to avoid this scenario. These people are the ones that are familiar with how the market you’re in works. And make sure you do this ASAP, as time is money. The longer you wait, the more holding costs you’ll need to invest apart from the regular fees for listing your South Carolina home for sale.

3: You’re assuming a sale

It’s worth remembering that the deal’s not done until it’s officially (on paper) done. Some buyers might leave an impression they’re willing to buy but back out of the deal last minute and leave you with a problem. 

So, when selling your South Carolina mobile home, make sure you consider only reasonable offers and don’t just assume that you’ll be selling your property in no time. The matter isn’t done until the following tasks are done:

  • you receive money transfer or cash,
  • hand your keys over to new owners,
  • transfer the ownership, and
  • pay the legal fees.

4: Rushing the process is one of the mistakes to avoid when selling your mobile home

You got tired of paying rent and decided a mobile home is something you should own. However, you were soon to realize that living in it isn’t as cheap as you might’ve thought and that it requires serious maintenance to be in pristine condition. 

All of this might have led you to want to sell your mobile home as quickly as possible. However, it’s essential not to settle for less money than what your home is worth. Remember, waiting a while longer for a reasonable offer is better than quickly selling your South Carolina mobile home and getting some money for it.

5: Not getting liens recorded

The next step would be to get a lien recorded. A lien represents your financial claim on your mobile home. Thus, it will bind the buyer to the property and release them once the whole payment’s been completed. This stands for cash and monthly payments, depending on what you agreed on. 

6: Avoid making improvements

A home that needs multiple repairs keeps the buyers away. To change this, you should keep your mobile home in good living and showing conditions. It’s also good to keep the service records available (pest control, A/C) to show your diligence as a homeowner.

A mobile home in South Carolina that is in poor condition.
The potential buyers might fear the uncertainty of future repair costs and therefore choose not to move forward.

7: Delaying answering offers is one the top of the mistakes to avoid

Even if you have your best intentions in mind and spend your time thinking about how to answer a certain offer, we advise you to refocus. The best answer is a prompt one, without emotions, and full of the requested information. 

At this point, it’s worth remembering that buyers are looking for multiple homes at that time, and you don’t want them to consider other homes and lose interest in yours. This is why answering offer emails promptly is imperative.

A hand holding a smartphone.
Delaying answering offers is one of the major mistakes to avoid when selling your mobile home.

8: Not sure if the transfer was completed

You sold your mobile home two years ago but still continue to receive tax information and emails corresponding to that property. This scenario is the one you want to avoid. It most likely means you’ve become a victim of buyers who didn’t officially transfer ownership from your to their names

This might have happened due to mere ignorance but also due to buyers’ attempts to save money by not paying taxes and fees to the state. Therefore, make sure you control the whole process until the end.

The bottom line

The perfect world where everyone does right, unfortunately, doesn’t exist. That’s why it’s good to be aware of the mistakes to avoid when selling your mobile home and ensure a win-win situation. Also, if you wish to sell your South Carolina home smoothly and quickly, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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